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OAF soon to come 2018

We just sold two major pieces from our collection!
We still got it!
Summer went by so quickly and we have had so many changes to adapt to! But we have been busy!
We have decided to participate once again in
The Outsider Art Fair 2018 in New York January 18-21 in New York.
Putting together ideas of which artists to bring…. Check out our Outsider Art section on our website, email us your favorites and the first 10 ideas we will bring!
Manhattan in January is always a thrill!

We attended the opening of the Martin Ramirez show
at the new Institute of Contempory Art-Los Angeles (ICA-LA)
and it is fantastic! What a beautiful space and the exhibition is breathtaking.
Longhauser did an amazing job curating the new space. Very excited that the “insider” art world is learning about this amazing artist. Check out our three Ramirez works on our website as well as the Robert Bergman/Ricco Maresca collaboration at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, another magnificent Ramirez show there in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time LA/LA!

There’s also an amazing movie coming out called,
“Eternity Has No Door of Escape-
Encounters with Outsiders Art”
a film by Arthur Borgnis about the history of art brut, featuring interviews with key figures in the field and rare footage of Hans Prinzhorn, Jean Dubuffet, Aloïse Corbaz and Harald Szeemann. To order email:
[email protected]

Our phone is still up and running so give a
call or email and say hello!
We miss you!
Marcy and Susan

What’s happening at Just Folk

Welcome (or welcome back) to our blog, which we will now update regularly with news of Just Folk and the world of Self-Taught and Iconic American Folk Art.

We have transitioned to an online-only gallery and remain dedicated to buying and selling the best of the best. As you see, our website has a new look and now includes our entire inventory. New technology allows the viewer to pan over each piece in detail and we offer different angles and close-ups along with explanatory text, measurements and prices. As before, our inventory is divided into two parts, Iconic Americana and Self-Taught/Outsider Art. It is easy to navigate and also contains information about us, our past publications, newsletters, videos and articles written by and about Just Folk.
We encourage you to go on our site and contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries you might have.
All of our current inventory now resides at a fabulous art shipping and storage facility in downtown Los Angeles. We have a small office there and access to all of the art and the ability to bring potential buyers to view any pieces they are interested in purchasing. Everything is climate-controlled, insured and secure. We also have the ability to ship directly from the warehouse, a great convenience for both buyer and seller!
All our inventory now resides at a fabulous art shipping and storage facility in downtown Los Angeles.  We have a small office there and access to all of the art and the ability to bring potential buyers to view any pieces they are interested in purchasing.  Everything is climate-controlled, insured and secure.  We  ship directly from the warehouse, a great convenience for both buyer and seller!
We will continue to show selected inventory at art fairs, which we will announce as they happen in future blasts to you.  Our pieces will continue to be featured in museum shows and exhibitions. 
We currently have a piece at the Known/Unknown: Private Obsession and Hidden Desire in Outsider Art exhibit curated by Frank Maresca at the Museum of Sex in New York City. We also lent an extraordinary Noah’s Ark tramp art piece to an exhibit, No Idle Hands: The Myths and Meanings of Tramp Art to Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art. Also, two of our amazing William Hawkins pieces are traveling in an exhibition,
An Imaginative Geography, to the Columbus Museum of Art, Figge Art Museum, the Mingei Museum and the Columbus Museum.  Past loans have included Felipe Archuleta carvings to the Kohler Museum, Jim Bloom to the American Visionary Art Museum, Elijah Pierce to Keny Gallery and pieces to the Westmount Ridley-Tree Galley.
We look forward to Leslie Umberger’s upcoming exhibit, Between Worlds: The Art Of Bill Traylor  at the Smithsonian American Institution in Washington in 2018. It promises to be spectacular. 
Don’t forget we have our Bill Traylor Postcard book and “Unfiltered” as well as the wonderful graphic poster we produced.  Check these out on Amazon and our website as well. 
Not to mention our own collection of Bill Traylor masterpieces for sale!
Just Folk has left the building but we are alive and well online,  Facebook, Instagram, and Incollect!


Change is always challenging, but we are making great progress in our adaptation to an online gallery. We have winnowed down our inventory, as many of you who follow us can see, and what remains are the iconic traditional Americana pieces that have been featured in the “bibles” of great folk art, American Vernacular and American Primitive, as well as in museums and important collections we have bought. They are the pieces that tell the story of America, and have become a part of our history and culture. Our dual focus is on Outsider and Self-Taught Art, which we believe to be gaining recognition within the mainstream art world (making it Insider Art, or as it should be regarded, just Art!) The artists we feature are the ones we have fallen in love with. We do not represent artists; we buy pieces that move us and share their insights into inside and outside worlds. Our main criteria for acquiring work is enthusiasm for the piece.  We believe you should buy what you love.

We are in the process of changing our format for the online gallery, so expect new surprises and a lot of new material in the coming months. We will be updating the blog more often, and increasing our presence on Facebook and Instagram as well.   It’s a new world for us!

In the meantime, we participated in The Outsider Art Fair in New York in January and found a receptive crowd.  Our booth was all black and white work, and we called it Absence of Color.  It was a different approach to curating work of various self-taught artists, and it got a lot of attention.  A few pictures are included here.



Outsider Art in Europe

Just came back from England where folk art abounds! There is a wonderful show of British Folk Art at the Tate Gallery which is small but quite comprehensive, although they don’t have as many trade signs, weathervanes and whirlygigs as I would have liked. There is a growing awareness throughout the UK that they have some folk treasures. Dealer Robert Young has an incredible eye, and he and his wife Josyane took a booth at Masterpiece London which contained some terrific pieces. I just had to purchase a few for Just Folk, which we will be bringing to the Metro Show in January! Although Just Folk started our collection with Americana and American Folk Art, we have added a few pieces from England and France which look like they belong and correspond to our sensibilities! Two wonderful collage pieces from the 19th Century, an old game board similar to darts, and a huge wooden scissors trade sign came home with me to Summerland! There is also a big interest in Outsider Art and Self-Taught Art in Europe. The new Raw Vision Magazine has a feature on Bill Traylor who is near and dear to us, as you know. The whole international scene seems to be embracing raw art, art brut, primitive art, visionary art. There is a wonderful exhibit at Los Angeles Country Museum of Art with the works of Sam Doyle. It takes some patience to locate it at the museum, but is very worth seeing. So many of the works we feature at Just Folk are done by African American Artists like Doyle (William Hawkins,Jesse Aaron, Thornton Dial, Purvis Young and Ronald Lockett among them.) The freshness, spontaneity, and artistry are amazing. So glad many others are becoming aware of this 20th century artwork.

Outsider Art Fair

This is the first entry on our new and updated website blog! Welcome to news of Just Folk! We just returned from our annual visit to New York’s Outsider Art Fair, which was moved from freezing January to balmy May this year for the first time. There were several advantages to the move: obviously, the weather was better! The Fair this year coincided with Frieze Art Fair on Randall’s Island, which draws a lot of art lovers to New York. Unfortunately, quite a few other Fairs had the same idea and the city was host to about 8 major art events the weekend of OAF and Frieze! This meant that foot traffic was light and speedy because people were anxious to see it all! It was also the first nice weekend in New York in months, and many people chose to go away and take advantage of the weather. It was also Mother’s Day on Sunday! But the OAF was beautifully-staged at Center 548 in Chelsea, and we were proud to exhibit the best of our most established self-taught artists, including Bill Traylor, William Hawkins, Ronald Lockett, Martin Ramirez, and Sam Doyle. We were sad not to include some contemporary works of Jim Bloom, but were instructed that they didn’t fit the profile of the show. Check them out here on the website. He’s a very talented, insightful artist who deserves exposure. The OAF was very inclusive in the international artists it showcased, and the world of Art Brut and Self-Taught Art is very exciting. The Fair, along with the opening of The American Folk Art’s new exhibit, “Self-Taught Genius,” is highlighting the importance of Outsider Art and its inclusion in the contemporary art world. The museum’s show will travel to eight other cities throughout the country.  Hope you get a chance to see it!  Here’s a shot of our booth at OAF!

booth oaf 2014