Andy Choueke


LA Goal member
Watercolor and marker on paper.
34″ x 27.5″

Andy Choueke

(b. 1971)

Andy Choueke was hired as a paid artist at L.A. Goal, an agency in Culver City, California, that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities, in January 2005. Andy has Autism and has recently started talking in full sentences, with encouragement. He will often express his feelings using movie or song titles.
Andy is a talented and prolific artist. He loves to draw using ink on paper. Recently, he started experimenting with colors, and he seems attracted by the vibrant work he is starting to produce. Formerly, he shared his ink drawings with the other artists at L.A. Goal, who enjoy painting what he drew. He also works in ceramics and just started learning how to weave.
Question – what role has art played in your life as a person living with a disability?

Happy. Friends. Studio. Happy. With my friends. You know, “Happy Together,” the Turtles song. I’m an artist!