Larry Calkins


Mixed Media with wax finish.
56″ x 18″

Larry Calkins
(b. 1955)
Larry Calkins was born in 1955 in Corvallis, Oregon, and grew up in a logging community named Harlan. After serious injuries in logging accidents, Calkins decided to pursue his interest in the arts. He had been recording images with his camera since his youth, and got into photo processing and electronic imaging. He started experimenting with metal, beeswax and original pigments, and is known for his sculptures of clothing fashioned from paper and cloth, rubbed with wax, pigments and soot and hung from hand-wrought iron hangers. They are reminiscent of Shaker and Amish esthetics in their simplicity. He also creates “artists’ books” which are made with paper, twine, paint, drawings, photographs, wood, dirt and found objects. His works are primitive in style but highly-complex and sophisticated in nature.

A prolific and well-received artist, Calkins has shown in mainstream galleries and has a large following.