Tim Lewis


Noah’s Ark
Stone carved.
14″ h x 20″ l x 7″ w

Born in Kentucky in 1952, Tim Lewis lives in Isonville in a beautiful hillside home that he built himself with his wife and daughter. Lewis was in the army and travelled around for six years, then did well-digging, strip mining and logging. An accident with a runaway truck discouraged him from continuing his work in logging, and he was influenced by his brother, Leroy, a furniture maker and part-time carver, and by fellow Kentuckian artists, Minnie and Garland Adkins, when he started making things. Tim Lewis started by making canes from the root ends of small trees, on which he painted faces and figures. He got into sculpture, spending most of his time making stone carvings, often from chimney stones found in the woods. He also uses sandstone locks, carving with a hammer and chisel. He has been bothered by arthritis, which interrupts his work, but his output has been constant.