Iconic Americana


Before the industrial revolution, most of what was utilized in our homes and our public spaces was handmade, created out of need. Trade signs indicated what was being sold in stores to a non-literate public, weathervanes and whirlygigs determined the direction of the wind, quilts kept us warm, rugs made homes cozy.

Items that were created for utilitarian purposes remain our best insight into life in the past. But simple, handmade objects often transcend their original purpose. Sculptural figures, toys, carved portraits and gameboards have an esthetic appeal, a creativity of design and originality of concept that makes us see them as works of art.

Just Folk collects many of the iconic pieces that have endured, been published, written about, and exhibited in galleries and museums; one-of-a-kind pieces whose distinct individuality and artistic excellence have been cherished by well-established collectors of American Folk Art over the years.