Outsider Art


The eighteen artists featured here, Jesse Aaron, Leroy Almon, Felipe Archuleta, Eddie Arning, Jim Bloom, Brent Brown, David Butler, Gerard Cambon, Thornton Dial, William Hawkins, Ronald Lockett, Chris Murray, Elijah Pierce, Harold Plople, Martin Ramirez, Bill Traylor, Terry Turrell and Harry Underwood, all have their own style and individual form of expression.

They are all self-taught and isolated from the influence of commercial art for different reasons relevant to each one.

The last category, entitled AND, contains the work of various self-taught artists we have collected over the years.

They include Dan Miller, Miles Carpenter, Popeye Reed, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Mose Tolliver, Sam Doyle, Howard Finster, Minnie Adkins, Greg Pelner, William Dawson, Tim Lewis, Larry Calkins, Adolf Wolfli, Aaron Birmbaum, Aaron Mountz, Andy Choueke, James Castle, Ab the Flagman, Marcia Balian, Ricky Hagedorn, Jonathan Lerman, Joseph Yoakum, Raymond Materson, Ned Cartledge, Justin McCarthy, Lonnie Holley, Eugene Andolsek, Purvis Young, Jerry Coker, BF Perkins, Sultan Rogers, Dwight MacIntosh, Charlie Lucas, Ruth Lauer, Clarence Woolsey and Charlie Lucas.