Brent Brown

Brent Brown is a very talented artist and special individual. Brent suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth and later developed other mental illnesses. He loves to talk about his art; referring to it as “the joy of my life.”
Brent was born in Indiana. As a young child he spent time at the nearby Riley Children’s Hospital. His talent was discovered when he was asked to draw a stick figure and instead he drew a fully detailed person. He says that he has been making art from a very young age and was inspired by Bible books and comic books.
Over the years, he has experimented with various artistic media, shaping wonderful creations out of clay and producing paintings on both paper and canvas.
Brown, who watches television and movies for inspiration, currently works with paper, cardboard, glue and acrylic paint to create his “cardboard puppets”. He gives them moving arms, legs and heads crafted by cardboard pegs.
Brown has shown his work at the Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington, DC and the GoogleWorks Art Store in Reading, PA.

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