Ab the Flagman


Old Glory
Scrap wood and paint.
34″ x 31″h

Ab the Flagman

(b. 1964)

Roger Lee Ivans, better known as Ab the Flagman, lives in Sanford, Florida. Born into a military family, his fascination with flags began at the age of seven when his father died and was buried with a military ceremony. The flag-draped coffin haunted and inspired the young boy.

His nickname came about when he asked his elementary school teacher about a program on abstract art which he had seen on television. His classmates chided him by referring to him as “Abstract” which was shortened to “Ab.” After schooling, he worked as a carpenter and spent after-hours making art from the leftover scraps of wood, often creating flag images. After a serious accident in the spring of 1995, when he severed a couple of fingers on the right hand, Ab gave up the woodworking and concentrated full time on his art. His scrap wood collages of patriotic subjects, usually painted red, white and blue, are composed of cast-off objects to create three dimensional pieces.