Andy Lacouture


Artist with developmental disability.
16 Embroiderd billard balls matted in white paper frames.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Each is 6″ x 6

Andy Lacouture
(b. 1970)

“I’d like to make a lot of money. I’d like to be happy. I guess if I said ‘Don’t worry’, that would kind of go hand-
-in-hand with ‘Be Happy’!”.

Born in 1970 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lacouture now resides in Rhode Island. A member of the Flying Shuttles, a non-profit studio in Pawtucket, Rode Island that support the creative abilities of artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Lacouture along with his fellow artists specialize in creating had woven goods and original artwork.

His main focus for his first eleven years at the studio was weaving rugs and writing poetry. In 2007 he discovered embroidery, started with an image of an eight ball, and has worked exclusively designing and stitching embroideries to the present day. When asked about his art, Lacouture replied, “I’ve been interested in art all my life and expressing myself through said art … Well isn’t that special??”
Andy is very clever with words and has a great sense of humor. He says that he is a “big joke advocate” and that he “tries to keep his audience laughing”.