B.F. Perkins


Cherokee Love Birds
Oil on canvas.
Excellent condition.
24″w x 30″h

Benjamin (B. F.) Perkins

The Reverend Benjamin Perkins was a southern artist who painted colorful patriotic and biblical themes on gourds and other objects as well as on traditional surfaces. In addition to being a preacher, Perkins was a patriot who served in the Marine Corps from 1921-25 and claimed he was sent on secret missions to Latin America. In 1929, he became a minister in the Assembly of God and in 1940 he joined the Church of God, rising to the rank of Bishop within that church. Facing retirement in 1979, Perkins took an art course at a junior college in Bankston, Alabama where “They let you pick your own style.” Perkins dealt with three main themes in his work: patriotic scenes including the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag; bible stories and objects from King Tut’s tomb. He added patriotic slogans and anti-drug themes to his colorful and whimsical work.