Ricky Hagedorn


Chevrolet Limmo
Wood panel, ink and acrylic.
17″ x 13″

Ricky Hagedorn
(b. 1956)

In the 1970’s, Ricky Hagedorn lived near an airport and enjoyed photographing airplanes. He later used these photographs as reference materials for his first series of paintings, created on panels of wood.

Trucks and automobiles are his most recent fascination. Using enamel and acrylic paint on wood shingles, he draws vintage vehicles adding his own written comments to his artwork. He then records these comments in a reference book, including notes on when and where he was at the creation of each piece of art. Another important part of Hagedorn’s artistic process is having visitors to his studio pose in various potions with one of his “works-in-progress”. He then mounts these photos in an album as a record of what he has created. In the upper right corner of each piece, placed like a postage stamp on a letter, is a small box, his “logo” that contains a picture either of himself or of a friend.

Hagedorn lives at the Candee Hill Group Home for Autistic Adults. He has exhibited in many group shows and Outsider Art Fairs.