Howard Finster


Watch Out For Lambs With Lion’s Paws
circa 1976
Enamel on cut out wood.
11″l x 13″w x 3″d

(1916-2001) The Reverend Howard Finster was an evangelical preacher whose artworks became visual sermons. Finster repaired lawn mowers and bicycles until he had a religious vision in which the Lord directed him to transform the swampland around his repair shop into a Paradise Garden. He then began to create individual paintings that he considered crucial in passing on his spiritual messages to the world. The art world discovered Finster through a series of museum exhibits starting with “Missing Pieces: Georgia Folk Art 1770-1976” and his paintings were brought to national attention in 1980 by a Life Magazine article. He is featured in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian, the Museum of American Folk Art and many others.