Summer at Just Folk

We have been getting some inquiries about whether or not we are still in business and the answer is definitely yes!!

For those of you who remember our wonderful building in Summerland, we are no longer at that site. The collection has been moved to Los Angeles and is available to be seen by appointment.  Just write me at [email protected] and I will arrange to bring you down to our warehouse/storage facility and show you whatever you want.

All of our inventory is listed and documented on this site, and we are still actively lending our pieces to museums and participating in shows.

It continues to be the year of Bill Traylor and Jeffrey Wolf’s film, Chasing Ghosts, is making the festival circuit to great acclaim.  Catch it if you can.  We have been selling our Bill Traylor postcard books online via Amazon, and the demand has been tremendous.  We also have a catalogue from our first Traylor show, and a great poster, so check out for those. We have also shown some of our Traylors in South Korea and sold two pieces there!  American Self-Taught art is going global!


Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.  I’m trying to get more active on social media, Facebook, Instagram and keep this blog more up to date.  In the meantime, happy summer!