Change is always challenging, but we are making great progress in our adaptation to an online gallery. We have winnowed down our inventory, as many of you who follow us can see, and what remains are the iconic traditional Americana pieces that have been featured in the “bibles” of great folk art, American Vernacular and American Primitive, as well as in museums and important collections we have bought. They are the pieces that tell the story of America, and have become a part of our history and culture. Our dual focus is on Outsider and Self-Taught Art, which we believe to be gaining recognition within the mainstream art world (making it Insider Art, or as it should be regarded, just Art!) The artists we feature are the ones we have fallen in love with. We do not represent artists; we buy pieces that move us and share their insights into inside and outside worlds. Our main criteria for acquiring work is enthusiasm for the piece.  We believe you should buy what you love.

We are in the process of changing our format for the online gallery, so expect new surprises and a lot of new material in the coming months. We will be updating the blog more often, and increasing our presence on Facebook and Instagram as well.   It’s a new world for us!

In the meantime, we participated in The Outsider Art Fair in New York in January and found a receptive crowd.  Our booth was all black and white work, and we called it Absence of Color.  It was a different approach to curating work of various self-taught artists, and it got a lot of attention.  A few pictures are included here.